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The New Normal for Clinical Trials

Kencor is improving the efficiency of Clinical Trials through virtual experiences with the introduction of T3 - Telehealth Trial Transformation, making it simple and easy for patients to participate at home.

Why Virtual Transformation of Clinical Trials?

Current clinical trial operations are costly, require in-person follow-up, and are challenged to engage study subjects for the long term.

Introducing Kencor Telehealth Trial Transformation. Kencor Health is the first company to use Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring in a unique modular design to create Virtual Clinical Trials to enhance study subject experiences and to streamline trial execution

  • Improving study subject retention through video telehealth
  • Creating efficient workflows for trial coordinators through telehealth and app-based data collection
  • Remote patient monitoring to evaluate study subjects between trial encounters
  • Clinical trial dashboard for quality reporting and PI monitoring of clinical trial throughput
  • Real time data collection through telehealth, app-based PROs, and remote monitoring reduce trial costs through virtual care
Current Methods
  • The current operations are costly, require in-person follow-up, and are challenged to engage study subjects for the long term
  • Patient reported outcomes collected during in-person study encounters
  • High costs for study subject retention (travel, remuneration)
  • Follow-up with trial coordinators on site
  • Vital sign and physiologic parameters that are infrequently collected
  • Do not employ digital methods for long terms study subject engagement
Kencor T3
  • Kencor's T3 are inexpensive with no in-person followup, and engaging is simple and easy
  • PROs, QoL assessments frequently assessed with app-based data collection
  • Survey assessments that can be customized per trial requirements
  • Telehealth - video - visits with trial coordinators performed at anytime for study subject convenience and to reduce trial costs
  • Digital health devices for patient-generated data on a daily basis and during symptom onset
  • Smart methods for study subject engagement
Modular design customized for clinical trials