Kencor Telehealth

We are living the "new normal" - Telehealth has significantly expanded our access to all aspects of healthcare at a time when we need it most. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the ability to see a doctor or healthcare professional has been restricted. Kencor Health is stepping up in a time of great need, to help take better care of you at home.

The Future of Telehealth in the Time of COVID-19

While the surge in Telehealth has been driven by the immediate goal to avoid exposure to COVID-19, with more than 70% of in-person visits cancelled, 76% of survey respondents indicated they were highly or moderately likely to use Telehealth going forward, and 74% of Telehealth users reported high satisfaction.


Health systems, independent practices, behavioral health providers, and others rapidly scaled telehealth offerings to fill the gap between need and cancelled in-person cases, and are reporting 50-175x the number of telehealth visits pre-COVID.

In addition, 57% of providers view Telehealth more favorably than they did before COVID-19 and 64% are more comfortable using it.

Why Kencor for Telehealth?
For Patients...

1-Click TelehealthSee a doctor instantly, via our new Web App, without the need to download. While all other Telehealth and video chat services require you to download an app, Kencor's Telehealth software connects you with primary care with the touch of a link.

Cuts patient costs Without having to constantly seek healthcare, especially something that’s high quality, Telehealth allows everyone with a device and an internet connection to connect directly to their physician - the doctor comes to the patient. Taking into account the costs associated with travel, parking, time off of work, childcare, etc., on-site visits can get very expensive - and stressful, which can really add up - especially in some rural locations. The additional effort and hassle in order to travel to a doctor’s facility can be taxing and in some cases, deal with overnight visits. Patients are saving millions of dollars by using Telemedicine.

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Improving patient access to healthcare Telehealth can be accessed from anywhere, at anytime. Even with the growing trend of physician shortages, Telehealth care helps extend provider networks in new ways to help provide healthcare to all. Even in rural areas, Kencor’s services can be delivered to systems that were otherwise inaccessible in traditional ways.

Improving healthcare quality and patient satisfaction The quality of healthcare dramatically improves with Telehealth, not only in urban environments, but also especially in rural settings. This kind of technology advances treatment of acute or severe conditions, as well as improves the convenience of receiving treatment by allowing patients to receive care without traveling long distances.

For Providers...

Telehealth NOW Don't worry about scheduling visits in a doctor's office. Simply Sign In and see your doctor.

Improves patient engagement with remote monitoring Increasing needs for consumers, specifically in the healthcare arena, and value-based reimbursement in healthcare has led hospitals, global, and local healthcare facilities to focus on new methods of interacting with patients, looking to engage and guide them to better self-care. Taking care of patients successfully and proactively requires education in order for this to happen. With increases in chronic health conditions, and especially during a global pandemic, using Kencor’s Telehealth for Remote Patient Monitoring is the primary way that medical providers significantly improve outcomes while still cutting costs and at the same time, providing access to better healthcare than ever before.

Improves clinical workflows and increases practice efficiency Telehealth can serve as the means for faster prioritization of care delivery, improving communication by storing, analyzing, and using patient data for much more improved decision making and diagnoses. Also, increased patient satisfaction scores are attributed to top-notch Telehealth practices.

Increases practice revenue Telehealth is less time-consuming for both the medical professional, provider, physician, and the patient. Patient “no-shows” are virtually eliminated, which can significantly improve the efficiency of the practice, thereby reducing costs for both time and overhead. Also, Telehealth can allow physicians to invoice for correspondence with patients that would otherwise go un-billed, while also extending hours to capture more billable time. Telehealth provides a necessary competitive advantage that will retain and attract more patients.