About Kencor


The name Kencor is a combination of "Ken", which is Japanese meaning strong - and "cor", which is Latin meaning heart.

Vision To create an effective and engaging platform for people who need care.

Mission We are reimagining and redefining Patient Experience, by leading a revolution in healthcare.

Why it Works Kencor uses artificial intelligence to assist patient navigators, which has a direct impact on patient experience. This allows all medical professionals to have more time for Patient Care and makes their process more productive through the Kencor Health Ecosystem.

Since the inception of the company 4 years ago, Kencor Health has continuously focused on how and when to engage with its users, specializing in remote health technology and patient engagement - or as we like to call it “human engagement”.

When it comes to patient engagement, the promise of Artificial Intelligence is to revolutionize the experience of care by anticipating the patient’s needs, providing faster and more effective outcomes, and as a result, healthier and happier people. Kencor engages with people in a highly contextual and appropriate manner, providing tailored care based on the situation, and in real-time. Kencor’s “SAMi™” bot, using AI knows precisely how to interact with people and knows how and when to engage, based on the time of day, routines, and also with the expert and familiar advice of healthcare teams and physicians.

The Core Team and Advisors