patient engagement

Why is patient engagement so important?

Patient engagement in healthcare refers to patients being as informed as possible about their options for treatment, medications, recuperation, and all other aspects of the healthcare system supporting them. Patient engagement involves providers and patients working together to improve health. Greater engagement in healthcare leads to improved health outcomes. Patients that are empowered with knowledge and that take part in the decision making process around their care typically have better outcomes and are healthier as a result. The more healthcare professionals can do to increase patient engagement, the better our patients will be prepared to ask the right questions, pay attention to the details of their home care requirements, and make appointments to follow up on their condition as needed.

Kencor believes our products and services can be used to elevate the experience of care while maintaining a personal connection through screening, monitoring, virtual visits, and remote clinical trials - all made possible with SAMi. This is an essential bridge with the patients as we are providing an efficient path towards positive outcomes and next-generation patient engagement. Patient engagement is increasingly recognized as an integral part of health care and a critical component of safe people-centered services. Engaged patients are better able to make informed decisions about their care options.

Here are just a few of the highlights of how Kencor’s Remote Patient Monitoring and Telehealth products are crucial to patient engagement…

  • Clear, high-quality, HD video and audio with the option to chat
  • 1-click connection to your care team, physician, or medical professional
  • During a video call, you can add a family member or a translator
  • Interactive SAMi guides you through everything, and at the right time
  • Monitor, track, and view vitals in various visualizations - all in real time
  • When monitoring a patient remotely, the Kencor user interface is superior in design and usability, ultimately saving time and money