Kencor COVID-19 Symptom Check and Monitoring Patient Engagement Case Study

In San Diego California, Del Mar Pines School was one of the first educational institutions to integrate Kencor’s flagship COVID-19 app, designed to screen for COVID-19 before arriving at school, and to monitor your health on a daily basis. Kencor COVID-19 is an intelligent and dynamic remote health management system and platform, designed to keep students, staff, and school employees safe and cared for, and facilitates in representing what keeps Del Mar Pines special.

As of late Summer / early Fall 2020, Del Mar Pines School is achieving success with comprehensive COVID-19 guidelines in place, and a clearance from The California Department of Public Health, and Kencor fully integrated and working. Read more about the Del Mar Pines' COVID-19 Prevention Plan

Del Mar Pines COVID-19 Safety Plan is meticulous and comprehensive, incorporating Kencor’s system and technology as an integral part of everyone’s daily lives.

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Del Mar Pines School has been working with Kencor Health to implement a health screening app for our students and faculty. Muthu and his team have been very responsive and helpful in getting the program up and running for our school. We have successfully piloted the app with our teachers during a summer school session, and we are looking forward to our families and staff using it as our health screening program for the coming year.
  • Marci McCord, Director
  • Del Mar Pines School

As some communities in the United States open K-12 schools, CDC offers the following considerations for ways in which schools can help protect students, teachers, administrators, and staff and slow the spread of COVID-19. Schools can determine, in collaboration with state and local health officials to the extent possible, whether and how to implement these considerations while adjusting to meet the unique needs and circumstances of the local community. Implementation should be guided by what is feasible, practical, acceptable, and tailored to the needs of each community. School-based health facilities may refer to CDC’s Guidance for U.S. Healthcare Facilities and may find it helpful to reference the Ten Ways Healthcare Systems Can Operate Effectively During the COVID-19 Pandemic. These considerations are meant to supplement—not replace—any state, local, territorial, or tribal health and safety laws, rules, and regulations with which schools must comply. (Source: CDC)

How it works...

Kencor COVID-19 is an automated and fully engaged AI system

A student, teacher, or a staff member comes to school. Before arriving, each person downloads the Kencor COVID-19 app and fills in their information. Upon login/signup, a personalized and institution-sponsored screen will be presented.
Daniel Schneider
Each person completes the short symptom check and questionnaire regarding Coronavirus. All questions are based on CDC guidelines and recommendations to diagnose COVID-19.
As the questionnaire is completed, the person will be presented with a unique QR Code. The color code determines COVID-19 status.
Daniel Schneider
August 20, 2020 - 8:45AM
Kencor provides each institution with a personalized Dashboard where each person can be monitored, updated, and managed using multiple views, data sets, and graphs.
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