Introducing Kencor COVID-19 for iOS, Android, & Web

With the emergence of Coronavirus (COVID-19), people everywhere are in need of care - in some form or another. More than ever, our health is of vital importance and how we manage and monitor it matters most. At Kencor, we want to contribute our products and technologies to minimize the impact of this pandemic and make it as easy and comfortable as possible.

Del Mar Pines School has been working with Kencor Health to implement a health screening app for our students and faculty. Muthu and his team have been very responsive and helpful in getting the program up and running for our school. We have successfully piloted the app with our teachers during a summer school session, and we are looking forward to our families and staff using it as our health screening program for the coming year.
  • Marci McCord, Director
  • Del Mar Pines School
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Important announcements about COVID-19
from Dr. Loh, Kencor Senior Advisor

COVID-19 Screening and Monitoring

Stay safe with QR Code status from Kencor Health. Kencor will not only assist you in determining your COVID-19 status, but will walk you through a complete symptom check and diagnose you in a matter of minutes.

A thorough symptom check has been done and it has been determined that you don’t have any of the COVID-19 symptoms. You have been advised to stay safe at home and when you have to leave for essential needs, wear a mask and stay safe.
You have been in contact with someone who's COVID-19 positive, and you have a fever of 100.4°F or greater. You have not been tested yet, but a recommendation has been made to check with your primary care.
You show many signs that align with COVID-19, and have been tested positive. You have been advised to self-quarantine for a minimum of 14 days, until your status changes to "Low Risk" or "All-Clear". You also have been advised to see your primary care.

Why QR Codes?

In a corporate or enterprise setting, specifically a workplace, mechanisms can be set up where QR Codes can be scanned upon entry. This will allow you, as well as your colleagues and employees, to stay informed, make sound decisions, and remain as safe as possible.

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