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Creating a path for better personal engagement

Kencor creates concise, impactful connections to promote healthy living. Whether it's screening for COVID-19 symptoms or assisting medication administration, our AI-bot SAMi™ revolutionizes the overall healthcare experience. Remote patient care was Kencor’s foundation before COVID-19 and continues to be our passion. We believe technology can be used to elevate the experience of care while maintaining a personal connection through screening, monitoring, virtual visits, and remote clinical trials. This is an essential bridge with the patients as we are providing an efficient path towards positive outcomes.

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kencor CONNECT

Kencor Connect integrates with the latest AI technology to keep your patients engaged in their treatment plan while keeping your team connected to how they are doing. SAMi takes on the heavy lifting of gathering, interpreting, and reporting critical patient data collected from all connected devices. SAMi then processes and presents the data in a simple dashboard so your care team can take action.

The proof is in the data

Reduction of heart failure admissions by 40% after using SAMI in a case study of 35 patients at a local hospital. Over 85% of the patients stay engaged with SAMi over a long period of time, which is critical for chronic care management.


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Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) on SAMi


Patient Engagement with SAMi

Success stories

  • I am very grateful to Kencor Health for their Sami app. By weighing myself, taking my blood pressure and oxygen level twice daily, I can see when I need to contact my doctor for edema and high of blood pressure readings so that my medications can be adjusted accordingly. I can also see when I need to adjust my diet and exercise more. I especially like that I can take the Kencor Health SAMi app to my Pulmonary doctor, my Neurologist, my Kidney doctor, my Heart doctor, and my Primary Care doctor and show them the chart on my Kencor Health Sami app that displays years worth of my vital readings at a glance. I feel that this app is very important to my health and well being and I plan on using the Kencor Health Sami app and taking my vitals twice a day for the rest of my life.”